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Portrait Asma

Asma Ansari, MHC

New York • Video Visits

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Getting to know Asma

Asma focuses on fostering a therapeutic environment characterized by safety, openness, and honesty. Within this space, she is committed to creating an atmosphere where clients not only feel heard but genuinely understood. Each session is approached with profound respect for individuality, recognizing the diverse array of experiences, perspectives, and values shaping each client's unique identity. This commitment serves as the foundation for the therapeutic journey, providing a supportive framework for self- exploration, growth, and positive transformation. Asma's therapeutic approach is collaborative and tailored to each individual. As a Pakistani immigrant, her cultural background informs and enriches sessions by integrating cultural awareness and emotional intelligence into discussions. Her holistic approach extends to acknowledging the various aspects that shape our worldviews and recognizing patterns to establish and reach goals. Together, clients and Asma will identify and challenge unhelpful thought patterns, developing coping mechanisms that foster tools from humanistic and psychodynamic approaches to mental health. Her overarching goal is to make a meaningful impact on the mental health journeys of individuals within marginalized communities who may be experiencing trauma, anxiety, and depression.

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