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Portrait Hiteksha Oza

Hiteksha Oza, MHC

New York • Video Visits

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Getting to know Hiteksha

As a dedicated and compassionate therapist, I aim to provide a safe, non-judgmental, and empathetic space where individuals can embark on a journey of self discovery, growth, and healing. I believe in the power of therapy to facilitate positive change and enhance overall well-being. With a deep respect for each client's unique experiences and cultural background, I strive to create a therapeutic alliance built on trust, collaboration, and mutual respect. I am committed to fostering a therapeutic environment that encourages open and honest communication, as I firmly believe in the therapeutic value of genuine human connection. I work collaboratively with my clients to identify an address the underlying causes of their challenges. By promoting self-awareness, emotional regulation, and practical skills, I empower individuals to develop healthier coping mechanisms and make positive life changes. I am committed to promoting mental health awareness and reducing the stigma associated with seeking help. I am dedicated to creating a supportive and inclusive space that embraces diversity in all its forms. I value cultural humility and actively work to create a therapeutic environment sensitive to each client's unique needs and background.

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