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Portrait Melanie

Melanie Gerber, LMHC


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Getting to know Melanie

I have been in the field of Mental Health counseling as a therapist since 2011 and have had the privilege to with a diverse population of clients. I continue to gain insight, knowledge and skills within the field and am passionate about continuing education. I am drawn to understanding human behavior and have pursued this field with great passion. I believe that the therapeutic process is effective in providing self insight, wisdom, acceptance, knowledge and more. I believe that each individual is unique and an expert on themselves and within the therapeutic relationship each individual is able to gain a greater insight into self. I utilize a client-centered approach to therapy as well as tailoring therapy and corresponding techniques based on a client’s unique personality, desires, and goals for treatment. I have found that utilizing multiple therapeutic approaches allows for individuality within treatment. I typically utilize concepts related to Depth Psychology, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT); Motivational Interviewing (MI); Solution Focused Therapy, and Existential therapy to be particularly helpful in working with clients. It is my understanding that all behavior is purposeful and allows an individual to obtain personal needs and desires. Sometimes, these behaviors may be maladaptive and cause an individual distress. Through the therapeutic process we explore these and discover ways in which an individual can live a rewarding, meaningful life.

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