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Sophia Hazan, MHC

New York • Video Visits

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Getting to know Sophia

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Emblem Health

A big reason I am so passionate about this field is because of my highly empathetic persona and my willingness to be of help to anyone around me. I strive to help others in need by offering a listening ear as well as my undivided attention and support. My goal is to help clients set realistic goals for themselves and guide them in any way I can. I am open to different theories and techniques utilized and therapy and am willing to do anything it takes to help my clients with any sort of discomfort they are feeling. I am very goal-oriented and would like to implement that in therapy in order for my clients to achieve what it is they need to achieve in a realistic manner. My approach to therapy is a holistic approach. I would like my clients to engage in useful tools such as mindfulness, journaling, breath work, hypnosis, and visualization. I am also big on using art and music as a way for the client to be able to express themselves. Clients can expect to leave the session feeling more relaxed and energetic at the same time. I believe that my clients will be able to take what they learned in a session and practice those tools on their own in order to manage their stress and anxieties.

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