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Bella DeGennaro, MHC-LP

New YorkVideo Visits

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Getting to know Bella

My client’s well-being is my priority. I embrace a client-centered approach, where I recognize my client’s own unique experiences, values, and goals. I believe that therapy is a collaborative effort which works best alongside a strong and genuine relationship and alliance. Together, we will explore your concerns in a safe and non-judgmental space, fostering an environment conducive to personal growth and healing. My clients should know that I will consistently provide a safe space for them to explore any area of their life that they feel comfortable sharing with me. I will remain fully present with my clients and make it known that their healing journey is my priority. I will provide unconditional positive regard, and yet challenge my clients when it is relevant or may be helpful to them. My approach to therapy is person centered, and emotion focused. I like to work with CBT to recognize any unconscious thoughts a client may be having which could possibly be harmful to them. Bringing out these unconscious thoughts can shed light on some deeper rooted difficulties and lead us to the path of healing from them. When a client leaves a session with me they can expect to feel validated, and supported. I will always make it known that I am on their team and I want to see them thrive. My clients should expect that their boundaries will always be respected and I will always meet them where they are at.

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