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Portrait CEO and Founder Orly Bentata Goldenberg
Phrase from CEO quote
" I created Smart Therapy PC with two main values, providing mental health support with excellent medical quality but without a waiting list."


As a mental health professional, I am convinced of the success of going through personal and professional life processes accompanied by dedicated professionals. For this reason, I created Smart Therapy PC, where I interview each therapist to get to know them in detail, I look for empathetic providers committed to their work and I dedicate myself to finding a good fit for each patient.


Growing up I was interested in many things, from engineering, fashion to marketing. I studied at Long Island University where I completed my Master in Mental Health Counseling and I am also Certified Dialectical Behavioral Therapist (C-DBT). As a child I was very shy, so I became a great listener and developed a sensitivity to what happens to others. I’m honest and transparent with my patients and my work team.

Before creating Smart Therapy PC,  woking in different practices, I understood the importance of effective and enriching supervision. I was able to strive in urgent and uncomfortable situations, helping to build trust on myself and others around me. My goal is to provide the same support to my therapists. Being present and available in the training of therapists who work at Smart Therapy PC is a fundamental part of my vocation. Additionally, we are dedicated to creating safe work environment for both the providers and the patients.


At Smart Therapy PC we do not have a waiting list because we understand the importance of mental health and we are dedicated to providing immediate help.


Our team deals with very diverse problems and is characterized by its diversity, since it is essential to understand the different cultures, races, ethnicities and social sectors of each patient. We are able to do so by being in network by all major commercial insurances as well as HealthFirst and Metroplus - both commercial and Medicaid insurance.


The therapeutic process has stages. It is important that expectations are discussed between patients and professionals. My team will be dedicated to understanding the present of each patient but also their history in order to set up appropriate goals for treatment.


Living in a fast-paced state as New York, it is not easy as it comes with the struggles of living in an environment as dynamic as this. There was a time in my life when I was dedicated solely to work and I couldn't find balance between my professional and personal life. I began to see how it affected certain bonds and felt like I was loosing control of my social life. For this reason, day by day I cultivate a different space at Smart Therapy PC, where each therapist can find a healthy dynamic between their personal and professional life where neither of them is sacrificed.


The work done at Smart Therapy PC is special, because of who we are as a team but also because of the service we provide and the devotion we give to listening to others and embark them in their therapeutic journey.

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